The process of Medicare Risk Adjustment from patient encounter through payment to healthplan is ripe with opportunity every step of the way. From the documentation recorded by medical providers that often could use some clarity or specificity to coders who are already in high demand with this skill set and ICD-10 will only increase that demand. Healthplans are the beneficiary of these opportunities as it is they who hope to optimize and maximize the premium revenue they are entitled to to cover one of the largest and sickest populations in the industry.To that end, providers need to take a good look at the documentation process and take advantage of training on common deficiencies in provider documentation. Coders should be ramping up and adding HCC Coding to their skill set. HCC Coding offers better than average pay, is often available as remote work, and thus often provides flexibility as for as work schedules are concerned. Compliant Coding Systems has extensive expertise in provider education and documentation improvement as well as Coder Training in the HCC Coding Specialty. Talk to us. We can help.