Medical Coding Program

The cornerstone of our educational services is the development of Medical Coding Professionals. Whether starting from the beginning or if you have experience in another healthcare vocation, we have a course that is for you.

Medical Coding – A Complete Course

This course is designed for those with no previous experience in the healthcare field. Learners will be provided with all of the tools needed for a successful career as a professional coder.

Course topics include:

  • Medical Terminology and Anatomy and Physiology – Learners develop the skill of understanding medical terms as well as a solid foundation in organ systems, disease, and treatments.
  • Introduction to Medical Coding – Provides an overview of the career, the tools, credentials, and more
  • Introduction to Coding Systems – Introduces students to Diagnosis and Procedure Coding Systems
  • ICD-10 CM – A complete course in the ICD-10 Coding system, Guidelines, Code Assignment, Coding Clinic, and more
  • Procedure Coding – Current Procedural Terminology – The sections of CPT, Code assignment, Modifiers, Appendices, CPT Assistant, and more. HCPCS – The sections of HCPCS, Use of HCPCS codes, code assignment, and more
  • The Health Record – Students gain an understanding of the health record and its many forms. From paper records to Electronic Medical Records to the various sections and document types in a health record. Learners gain proficiency in reading and abstracting information from health records.
  • Ethics and Law in Healthcare – Learners focus on regulatory guidelines including privacy, security, professional conduct, and the meaning of Compliance in all areas of healthcare.
  • Computers in Healthcare – Provides learners with the knowledge of the electronic data systems used in the healthcare field including accounting, medical records, electronic communications, and more.
  • The Business of Healthcare – Students understand the reimbursement of health services and the finance of healthcare delivery.