I was reading a forum for coders today. A coder was seeking an answer to a coding scenario. They posted the clinical scenario. They posted how they coded it, And, they posted how they were instructed to code it. The coder had it right. The superior that directed the coder did not. This was the same day that I was reviewing some assessments where coders got some rather basic coding questions dead wrong. Something I see all to frequently “Professional Coders” making elementary errors. Could it be that they have been conditioned this way? I know that in my career, I have had those in a role superior to me give me completely wrong direction. The thing with me is….I will fight. I will not do something “just because”. So, if you are “that coder”….don’t just accept something you know to be wrong. If you are “that manager”, let your sense of responsibility supersede your authority high and make it your mission to be right, not powerful.