Risk Adjustment Training

“I am the Manager of Risk Adjustment Coding, Quality Assurance and Provider Education …… I have personally audited a number of training programs centered on risk adjustment.  Although I found only a couple that had quality content, no other program offers the hands on individualized guidance and support that CCS provides their students.  The program is on continuous stream so students can review the recorded webinars as many times as needed.  In addition each student has the ability to reach out to CCS and their staff with questions or additional assistance in understanding the content. ……..
I used Compliant Coding Systems  material to instruct my staff.  I am happy to report 100% of my staff now hold the credential CRC®. I highly recommend Compliant Coding Systems Risk Adjustment Training and learning portal.”
Donna, Manager of Risk Adjustment Coding – Medicare Advantage Plan

RA Program with Certification Exam Fee just $1099.00



RA Program without Certification Exam Fee $750.00 



Our Risk Adjustment Training is used by several Medicare Advantage Plans and Vendors to train their Staff. We have prepared over 1000 Professionals for success on their First Attempt on the Certification Exam.

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This program includes:


  • Detailed and Comprehensive training in Risk Adjustment Concepts with over 100 hours of video
  • 2 Live Web Conferences each week
  • Over 50 CEU Opportunities
  • 1 Year Access
  • Mock Exams and Exercises
  • Tools and Resources
  • Email support
  • Monthly Risk Adjustment Newsletter
  • Web Conference Archive Access
  • Content Updates
  • And more


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This program has the prior approval of AAPC for over 25 continuing education hours (CEUs) with many more available.

Granting of prior approval in no way constitutes endorsement by AAPC of the program content or the program sponsor.


Designed specifically for:

  • Certified Coders who want to learn HCC Coding
  • Medicare Advantage Providers who want to learn HCC Coding & Documentation Best Practices

Includes 1 year of email support and access to on-line Risk Adjustment Case Studies, Exercises and Assessments, News, and exclusive opportunity listings

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Risk Adjustment is a Predictive Cost Model that adjusts payments to health plans to cover members. It compensates for the higher cost of care associated with certain conditions.
There are many benefits to attending this valuable training.

The compensation for MRA/HCC Coders is higher than that of many other certified coding positions. See http://www.simplyhired.com/salaries-k-hcc-coder-jobs.html for more information. We have invited a number of hiring organizations to attend our training so that attendees will have exposure for networking.

  • Understanding Risk Adjustment will enable you to positively influence providers on documentation and other criteria that impacts Risk Adjustment. The course will highlight the impact of Risk Adjustment on providers.
  • The course has been developed by coders and managers in the Risk Adjustment field with many years of experience. The quality and detail of this training cannot be matched in the industry.

You may not have heard the term, but you are quite likely to have been impacted in some way. The reason many in the healthcare delivery environment have not heard more about MRA/HCC is that it is how the Premiums paid by CMS to health plans that cover Medicare Beneficiaries through Medicare Advantage Plans are formulated. However, you may have received requests for records that would be reviewed for diagnosis validation and not been aware what the ultimate impact of that record would be. After this course, you will have a deep understanding of the process from patient encounter to premium formulation and payment.
Yes. All attendees will receive a Certificate of Completion as well as a detailed summary of course competencies outlining skills and knowledge accomplished in the course. This can be provided to prospective employers in the pursuit of positions within the Medicare Risk Adjustment / HCC Coding field.
Coders with this skill set have been in high demand for years. This is only likely to increase with the recent ICD-10 implementation. We have relationships with hiring organizations and share opportunities with our registrants. We will highlight employment suggestions in the course.

Here is what one hiring decision maker wrote:

“Just wanted to say thanks for sending (redacted) my way.I am going to let her take my assessment and see how she does since she doesn’t have HCC production experience. I have screened and tested over 50 applicants and its sad but many seasoned HCC coders do not know guidelines or coding hierarchy.If you think of any others please feel free to share my info. I am willing to hire without the experience if they complete your course. Thanks again!”