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    • It Is Beyond Time For Accountability and Responsibility September 26, 2017
      A recent article showcases corporate America once again overcompensating failure and  highlights the need for corporations to stop rewarding failure and in the process containing skyrocketing costs. Yes, this applies to For Profit Healthcare entities. The post It Is Beyond Time For Accountability and Responsibility appeared first on CCS Blog. It Is Beyond Time For […]
    • Is Good Enough – Good Enough? February 16, 2016
      I hear all the time from coders, “oh I have that one memorized.” Or they say, “I hate ICD-10 because I had so many ICD-9 committed to memory.” Coding isn’t about memorization of individual codes. It’s all about guidelines. Focus your memorization on the guidance and you can apply the correct codes to any given […]
    • Tips For Working Remotely February 3, 2016
      Tips for Working Remotely Working remotely is like having the best of both worlds, right? You get to work from home in your pajamas, have no commute, and possibly no daycare but there can be challenges as well. I’m going to lay out the pros, cons and solutions to working out of your home office. […]
    • ICD-10 to HCC Mappings Released By CMS September 3, 2015
      In case you missed it, CMS has released the long awaited ICD-10-CM to HCC mappings in July.  While just over 3500 codes in ICD-9-CM map to an HCC/RxHCC code, almost 10,000 codes will map in ICD-10-CM.  Accurate and detailed documentation is going to be more crucial than ever. With the increased need for specificity and […]
    • Milestone: CEU Approval February 13, 2015
      After many sleepless nights of development ,our Risk Adjustment & HCC Coding Online Boot Camp received AAPC’s approval of 12.5 CEUs yesterday. This was an extremely joyful moment for our Subject Matter Expert Team. Besides a great sense of relief and our efforts being recognized, we are confident the structure and content of the boot camp were informative, practical, and […]